On the track of the still smouldering fight between Saints and pagan monsters…  fervent, remarkable, heady and powerful songs.

Religious songs from the popular Occitan repertoire initiate to a legendary universe, a colourful syncretism where saints and monsters are still making war to each other, where the rich are punished for their arrogance and where the Jesus of the poor sometimes comes to prefigure marxism!

Drawing from this incredible and joyful repertoire, Lo Còr de la Plana glorifies its abundant imagination with the power of voices and percussion, mixing with the antique Occitan tradition the mediterranean influences that can be found in Marseille, where spirituality is always beyond all comprehension.

Duration : 1:15

Staff : 5 singer/musicians; 1 sound tech

Discography : “Es lo titre” 2003 Charles Cros Academy Great Prize

“These vocal jousts by Lo Còr de la Plana are harsh and rough. Aridly beautiful. One enters a transe and ends up dizzy in front of so much mastered energy, power, sense of rhythm”.

Le Point – Olivier Jourdan-Roulot

“With just those voices and percussion, they did remarkable things. They sang rich chordal harmonies and joyfully ricocheting counterpoint. There were drones and dissonances akin to Eastern European music, sustained solo vocal lines related to Arabic music and Gregorian chant, and percussive call-and-response hinting at Africa – all the connections of a Mediterranean hub”.

The New York Times  – Jon Pareles