A geopolitics of human nature in music and deed…

A hint of elegant savagery and a great deal of independence!

Linked to the great events that have punctuated the social history of the last couple of centuries Marcha demonstrates the remarkable relationship between the Provençal people and the authority.

If literary creation happily unites fantasy and protest, the musical referents all show a great devotion to the most fashionable styles of their periods of origin : operetta and street songs of the 19th century, of course, but also protest song, from the Commune to the ’70s, in its most stimulating aspects.

With Marcha, Lo Còr de la Plana strikes up a lusty and cheerful reading of these repertoires. The Mafia Mazurka jostles with the world’s longest Farandola, and the Capelans (the priests) get, just like the lost soldiers of the Commune, the vehement disapproval of the struggling people of Marseille. Perfectly percussive, precise and laughing, even sometimes contemplative, the band makes audible a surprising diversity of colours and shades with the gusto and generosity which characterize it.

Duration : 1:15

Staff : 5 singer/musicians; 1 sound tech

Discography : “Marcha” Buda / Universal 2012

ffff      Télérama

“Marcha!, the band’s third album, confirms the quintet’s fire power, its swaggering refusal of all authority. And its incredible talent to set up a trance”.

Télérama – Gilles Rof