“Marcha” Musical and literary protest, particulary in the Marseillais repertoire, takes on a subversive and rebellious dimension, combining sharp humour with violent lexical contrast, be it morbid or vigorous. Lo Còr de la Plane tries to fill in this gap, with compositions meant to break down the rigid schemata of traditional songs, their most hackneyed forms and their most tedious formats. Voices and percussions replace these songs in the feverish and minimalistic context that fits them best and has become one of the group’s trademarks.

“Tant Deman” – Dancing songs The songs are of course inspired by the ancient (popular dancing) or modern (rock, ragga, electro) Occitan repertoire and are readapted to the concrete musical means: voices, corporal percussion and frame drums. The texts are original creations by the members of the choir and offer poetic and political commentary on the sensations brought about by the dancing.