Christmas Carols, a corny tradition?

Lo Còr de la Plana and their guests inflame the Advent’s nights!


Lo Còr & Henri Maquet, Aimat Brees

Languedoc and Provence confront one another here to merge and irrigate each other with their dissimilarities. On one side the land of the reeds and a singing torn by stony wines, and on the other, the generous land that lavishes fruits and riches on a pleasure-seeking people.

Henri Maquet’s reed flutes and Aimat Brees’ traditional oboe and clarinet remind the attachment to this never quite servile land… By making audible the texts of this new expectation, Lo Còr de la Plana unearths the archaic harmonies of a buried continent and those, more celestial, of the advent of a world.

Duration : 1:15

Staff : 7 singer/musicians, 1 sound tech

“The famous choir surrounds itself with Henri Maquet, the activist from Arles, and with Aimé Brees, for a swoop into popular traditions connected to Christmas, most particularly to its animal symbols and powers. They conjure up the odyssey of the monsters, tarasques, draws and wyverns of that ilk. An immersion all the more fascinating when one knows what this gang is capable of, who bases its practice on fine historical research. And thus makes way for culture”.

Ventilo – Paul Mouillet


Lo Còr & Raphaël Imbert, Thierry Daudé, Nicola Marinoni

This Nomadic Christmas show brings together songs from the Occitan area and southern Italy whose themes are essentially linked to travelling. Either in exile, seasonal migration, wandering or mere roaming, the repertoires stemming from orality and popular traditions have been accompanying the travelling musicians in their movement since the dawn of time, carrying with them some hopes, some yearning for a revival that the celebration of Christmas also crystallizes in a remarkable manner.

Duration : 1:15

Staff : 9 singer/musicians, 1 sound tech

“An essential show, scholarly and popular, lucid but festive, theatrical… about exchanging, tolerance, where the wandering of the Three Wise Men sends us back to our own uncertainties when one knows that mendicity is severely punished today!”

Zibeline – Yves Bergé